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Welders' Night 2023 in Granville

Hotel & Restaurant des Bains

The port of Granville, in Normandy, welcomes dozens of artists during the Welders' Night

Come and discover some extraordinary artistic creations!

Passionate people make history

The Welders' Night was created almost 20 years ago, in 2004. This metal sculpture festival takes place every year in August.

Depending on the theme chosen, the artists create a work and present it to visitors during the event. The idea came from a group of artists to use the scrap metal left on the port of Granville.

Two skips are at the disposal of the artists to shape their production of the day.

At the end of the festival, the compositions are sold at auction. The profits allow the artists to live from their passion and their donation.

Each year, the sculptors are accommodated in a youth hostel on the night of the Welders' Night and a meal is also offered to them.

A 2023 edition under the theme of Caesar

This year's Welders' Night pays tribute to the works of the sculptor César. He belonged to the New Realists movement and created the bronze trophy for the famous César ceremony of French cinema.

He also created the Bocuse d'or prize, a cooking competition.

This great artist should inspire today's sculptors to produce their finest work.

To accompany them, two concerts are planned for the same evening as well as various activities, a refreshment bar and catering on site.

The auction will take place on Sunday afternoon.

Rest in Saint-Jean-Le-Thomas

Less than 25 minutes by car from Granville, the Hôtel des Bains de Saint-Jean-Le-Thomas is the ideal base for a stay in Normandy.

This village of art, sea and nature overlooks the Bay of Mont-Saint-Michel for an authentic discovery of the region.

As soon as you enter this 2-star establishment, your journey is put on hold to the rhythm of the tides.

The green landscapes and the calmness invite you to relax for a few days.

Don't delay in booking your Normandy getaway to benefit from the best rates!
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