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Top 5 spots to watch the high tides | Manche

Hotel & Restaurant des Bains

Take advantage of your stay in the Manche to discover the power of nature

The Mont-Saint-Michel

There is nothing better than to observe the movements of the sea from a position directly on the famous Mont.

This is an experience you must have during your stopover in the region. As soon as the tidal range is high, Mont-Saint-Michel becomes a real island in the middle of the Channel.

There is no way to reach the mainland when the waves slam against the cliffs.

❤️ Favourite ❤️

Contemplating the Mascaret during the high tides at Mont-Saint-Michel.


What if you took a little height to admire the waves? Granville is one of the must-see places to see the phenomenon of high tides.

Nestled on a rock, the town is even nicknamed the Monaco of the North. The swells follow one another on the granite dike and then the show begins.

❤️ Favourite ❤️

Taking beautiful photos of the raging sea.

The Chausey Islands

As well as being able to enjoy the swell of the high tides, the Chausey Islands can be discovered at this time. Indeed, you will be able to see the 365 islets and the ephemeral beaches that are only visible at this time of the year.

Those who like to fish on foot will be delighted to make finds that they can enjoy at the next meal.

❤️ Favourite ❤️

Marvel at finding crystal clear water right next to the French coast. It almost feels like Mauritius, minus the heat.

The Havre Coast

The region has eight harbours along its coastline:
  • The harbour of La Vanlée ;
  • Blainville harbour ;
  • The harbour of Regnéville ;
  • The harbour of Geffosses;
  • The harbour of Surville ;
  • The harbour of Saint-Germain-Sur-Ay ;
  • Port-Bail harbour
  • The harbour of Carteret.

These are huge stretches of sand that are covered and uncovered during high tides. Generally, you can rely on the sheep to tell you when the event is coming.

Indeed, as soon as the season approaches, the animals leave their pastures to give way to the salt water.

❤️ Favourite ❤️

Admire the sea coming to life while keeping warm by tasting local products.

Cap de la Hague

This natural site in the Cotentin region has the distinction of having the highest cliffs in Europe, towering 128 metres above sea level.

When the universe blows, the wild landscapes become worthy of an action movie.

Walk to the lighthouse on the GR223 customs path to marvel at the beauty of nature when the elements get in the way.

❤️ Favourite ❤️

Watching the waves crash against the cliffs during high tides.
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