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The most beautiful sunsets in Normandy

Hotel & Restaurant des Bains

Dream awake while admiring the beauties of nature

The Lude Valley

07 minutes by car and 20 minutes by bike from the hotel

Get up close and personal with nature. The Vallée du Lude is one of the best places to admire the sunsets in the region. The colors of the great cliffs mixed with the orange flashes of the setting star are of an incredible intensity.

To reach it, enjoy a nice walk on the GR 223. On the way, the Cabane Vauban welcomes you for a little break on the bay of the Mont-Saint-Michel.

The Mont-Saint-Michel and its bay

36 minutes by car from the hotel

Classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Mont-Saint-Michel and its bay are a refuge for lovers of fauna and flora. The ebb and flow of the English Channel form tides, sometimes spectacular during high coefficients.

Every hour, new lights bring out the natural richness of the site. To enjoy a beautiful sunset, head to the tip of Grouin du Sud in Vains. At high tide as well as at low tide, the reflections of the fire star on the sand will leave you speechless.


55 minutes by car from the hotel

A tablecloth, sweets to taste, friends by your side: here is the perfect recipe to admire the next sunset. With your feet in the sand, these convivial moments are priceless. The colors through the dunes of the Norman desert give way to the realization of a painting worthy of a great painter.

Enjoy this haven of peace until nightfall.

La Grande Plage du Sillon

1 hour and 6 minutes by car from the hotel

After dinner in Saint-Malo, take a stroll along the Grande Plage du Sillon. The iodized air and the panoramic view will make you take a breath of sea air. The serenity and calm of the place will prolong you in an absolute happiness.

Between city and sea, it is the perfect spot to end the evening in very good company.


Sleeping in Saint-Jean-Le-Thomas

During your trip to Normandy, stay at the 2* Hotel des Bains in Saint-Jean-Le-Thomas.

Our establishment with a cosy atmosphere opens its doors to you on the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel. We have 7 rooms so that you feel like at home.

Enjoy delicious local dishes in our restaurant prepared with care. To relax, a swimming pool is also available for all our customers.

Do not hesitate any longer and book your stay today in our local hotel.
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Hotel & Restaurant des Bains

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