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First flight above Mont Saint Michel

Hotel & Restaurant des Bains

Hôtel des Bains advises you and informs you about the activities and agenda during your stay in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel, in Saint Jean le Thomas.

Are you looking for a hair-raising activity during your holidays?

> ULM or gyrocopter flight

We suggest you fly over in ULM or gyrocopter from Avranches or Dragey. The pleasure of contemplation seen from above, the incredible sensations of flight will leave you with an exceptional memory of Mont Saint Michel. Count a budget from 50 € for a 10 minutes, up to 250 € for a 1 hour from Granville to Cancale.

To make you want to, here is a video of the flight over Mont Saint-Michel in ULM.

> Paragliding on the Champeaux cliffs

Discover the paragliding activity with a flight with a tandem pilot from Champeaux, Donville or Carolles depending on the wind direction, from June to September. Discovery from 60 € for 10 to 15 minutes of flight.
Here are some of the providers:  

> Hot air balloon flight over the Bay

For a 1-hour flight, count on a budget of 400 € for a first flight in a hot air balloon.
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Hotel & Restaurant des Bains

Bay of the Mont-Saint-Michel
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